Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Simplicity A1230

I picked this up at Walmart shortly after I purchased the dress form pattern.  I used remnants and did not attempt to match any design or different pattern coloration.  I made the dress.

I used an all cotton.  The back closure is a loop and tape.

I still have not finished the dress form, but did try the dress on it.  The boys said it was adorable.  I made them Barbie and Ken doll clothes, baby doll clothes.  The church toy box doll clothes way back. And Don McCunn's wine bottle drafting class clothes which I really enjoyed.  I was actually going to do his wine bottle drafting to do the same thing I'm doing with the Pixie Faire dress form.  Just some mindless fun.  I guess this was my fun gift.
The boys are not sharing this year.

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