Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I am stalled.  I'm in the middle of a pair of pants and don't have the correct color zipper.
I did try a pincushion from Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp.  That book is lots of fun.

 I'm stalled in my cushion.  The pattern is marked and ready for the next step, but I need a zipper and covered button kit, and the foam seat cushion.  I even have my cording ready.

I've even made a quilted pot holder from Crafty's Quilt As You Go class, but I need to add a backing and binding.  I made a 12 1/2 size and rounded off the edges.  I plan on using it for larger pots and pans.  If it works out okay, I think I will make a few more for the holidays coming up.  I'm trying to go to the other fabric store more, and it's way out by the mall.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I should have taken better pictures.  I don't always have my laptop on and our new desktop computer has been crashing lately.  Windows 8.  It's been a real pain.

There are times in our alley way someone will set something out with a Take me, I'm free sign.  I had seen a foot stool setting out for maybe a good week or a little longer.  On the 2nd or 3rd day of rain, I sent a kid down to bring it back.  Being a boy, they generally don't have a problem with it.  The stool is maple wood in a maple finish with a Town Square Hillsboro Tx 1983 on the back.

I vacuumed the cover all over and took it apart.  I'm hoping to make a new cushion for the stool.  It will be a great TV stool for the den. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Saturday Drive

Texas Spiny Lizard.  Just in case you've never seen one.  We've seen some gecko's, but not as many as years past.  
They bob up and down when they are mad.

Friday night on the news, there was a quick blurp about the new highway being built over the lake and the 35 Express project.  This fall my son was supposed to be going to the state college up the road and taking Dart which has a stop at the college.  He decided to take a few last courses with one of his favorite teachers in one of his favorite subjects and get one more degree.  We told him that would be fine if he paid for it.  He got a job this summer and paid for it.  So we are driving him up the 35 express to the little college again.

Saturday morning, we get up and turn on our computer and Explorer 8 crashes and will not come up.  My husband and I decide to  put some gas in all of the cars while the boys work on the computer.  It's still not up, so we decide to go to the home improvement store to buy some home improvement things.  It's still not up, so we decide to see whats on 35 express and take one of the cars that's not seen highway driving in a while.
 The parking lot of the little college.  It soon will be very full.
 The baby cows grew up!!

 While we were in the area of several stores selling sewing machines, we decided to visit them.  I don't think I will have the same difficulty trading in my 960Q for an upgrade that I was having with my 936 Huskylock serger.  That was not pleasant at all.  So, with 8 or 9 days left on my listing, I ended the Ebay listing early.   There is another machine I am interested in spending some time with at the stores to see how we would get along.  I got a lot of watchers on the machine but no offers at all that I could say.  One wanted me to give the machine away for a very small amount and I pay the shipping but I declined.  That will not help me pay for the new machine.   I thank everyone for taking an interest though.
On the way back home, I got some picture of the new highway being built over the lake.
It's the same on the other side, but all the pictures I got had bushes and trees covering up the work.
The roads don't look bad at all.  I was worried about some crazy lane fixes, but there are none.  We got back from the drive and the computer was still not fixed.  It took until that night.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Style Arc Barb pants

Style Arc recently let everyone sign up and get a free pattern, the Barb pants, plus 2 other sizes near the one you choose to boot.  3 whole pant patterns!!  I chose my size and got the downloads right away, but my mail system crashed and I was very upset.  Not only were the Barb pants gone, but everything else!!!  My son was able to recover we think all the mail.  I had to use a few other emails I rarely use to try and get the Barb pants resent, as the original ones were corrupted.
 I went to the Style Arc website to see what kind of fabric they recommended and found something close to that.  This is a stretch woven with a 4% spandex amount.
 I had a bit of rear gaposis, so I pinned out the amount at the back seam.  I then halved that amount and split it into 2 for 2 darts about 4 inches in from the seam line.  This took care of the gapping.
I then pinched that amount out of the waist band.  I added in the optional elastic inside the waistband.  I like the pants overall, but Style Arc pants, or this style anyway seems to have a shorter rise than Kwik Sew or Jalie (although I haven't lined up patterns and compared).  I will have to wear these around and see how I feel about them. I think maybe a tiny wedge added in to raise up the center back over my bum, and some side seam narrowing would do the trick.   Overall they were very easy to download, put the pattern pieces together and sew up.  I'm so pleased about that.  I thank them very much.

**I do think a slight, very small wedge added in would be helpful.  I am a 5'5 pear, at my heaviest, 147, with all the weight in the lower half.  The back pulls down slightly, but not bad at all.  The Barb pant sits lower on the waist than I have been sewing in the past.  The elastic I added in was measured exactly to my lower waist measurement of 33.  I needed to go in an additional 1 to 1 and 1/2 in with the back dart from the outer side seam to get it centered more over my rear.    I may also contour the top of the waist piece in a bit more.

I did get a few compliments from the family, so not a bad fit.  No pulling, or tight smile lines.  I may pull out my stretch denim and make another pair.

I really thank Style Arc again.  Nicely drafted, quick to make up, and comfortable.