Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Non sewn resin fire log

I wanted to post this fire log I got for an early Christmas present.  I saw it last year and stalked it because the price kept going up.  They sent it very quickly with wax tea candles.  The candle between the two battery operated ones is one of the wax ones they sent.  I did not unwrap all of them and I will be using battery operated ones.  I just happened to have some left over from Halloween.  I have not put this in my fireplace yet.  We have a few more fire logs to go, then we will clean it out and try this resin log.  I love the look of the real fire, but we do try and keep the fireplace clean and there are some years I'd like to leave the cleaning part out.

I've been sewing a little, but the family has been keeping me busy with their schedules.  Most of what I did in September were some basic Kwik Sew pull on stretch denim pants and skirts.  Very basic.

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