Thursday, May 23, 2013


 Someone was cleaning out their pantry and gave me some Karo syrup and pecans that were gifted to them.  Not store bought pecans but picked from their trees.  We had to pull out the Texan pecan sheller we bought in West Texas 20 years ago.
Because of all the exciting storms and the small cold front that we had I made chocolate pecan pie.  I really just added 1/4 cup cocoa powder to the mix before pouring it into the shell.  I made the crust and my son did the fluting.  I thought it was perfect.  The pie was pretty good to.  Not much sewing.  I've been tracing patterns.  I did make a pair of pants for my mother.  I hope she likes them.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kwik Sew 3765

I'm calling these skirts my summer patio skirts.  I bought this pattern on a Kwik Sew sale even when I had the Easy Sewing book.  These skirts had a back center seam instead of both being cut on the fold.  A really silly thing to do because I could have just added a seam and cut the pattern pieces out how I wanted to.  I cut the longest length from 2 pieces of $1.00 to $2.00 cotton fabric. 
Instead of using the center back seam for a walking vent, I did what the book suggested to do and did a right side seam walking vent.  I didn't go as far up, but I could have gone a little farther up than I did.  This is about 8 inches.  It just shows the front of my lower leg up past the ankle.  I wear these with sandals.
The vent from the outside.
The inside of the vent.  A quick and fast sew job.
The red skirt.

I bought some new summer t shirts and I've been wearing these around the house, soon to swim lessons and I really like them.  I'm working on a fall version in a lightweight fabric I forgot the name of.  It's cut out but I haven't been able to get back to it.  I think though with a sweater set and flat loafers or pumps, it will be a nice go out to dinner skirt, a change from pants.

Monday, May 13, 2013

McCalls 2101

 An OOP pattern that I have had for while. 
 I used some lightweight linen from Hancocks.  I had enough for the pants, but not for the optional pocket.
 Nice pants.  I'm keeping the pattern until the end of summer and then I will use another one that's probably very close to the same style.  That's my pattern stash problem.  I've bought pretty much the same thing over and over. 
My Mother's Day orchid.  I just love it.  I didn't think I'd like to own one.  I've been reading all over the internet about them.

I still need to take pictures of my other version of my Butterick nightgown.  I've been wearing it.  I've made 2 patio skirts, and I'm working on a skirt for fall from the patio skirt pattern.
 I used  a small piece of trim and made a little bow.
This has definitely been worn.  I was able to use a stash pattern and all of a piece of fabric I've had for awhile from stash and all of some trim that I've owned for a long time.  I'm keeping this pattern.  You never know when you need a pretty nightgown.
I tossed a bunch of t shirts and bought some new ones.  I tossed a few elastic waist skirts and my Dorothy Moore drafted skirt.  It was a wearable muslin and the fabric around the zipper was coming out too much to repair.

McCalls 6173

I just used the basic legging pattern and made a pair of black cotton spandex leggings.  The fabric was from Fabric com.  I didn't keep the pattern because I already have a several legging patterns.  I cut this one a little larger and it went together very nicely. 

I wished I had had these leggings this winter, so I'm glad to have them ready for the next season.  They are too hot to wear now.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Butterick 6838

 This is a 2001 pattern.  I made View D and have View C cut out.
 My current summer pj wardrobe.  The blue stripe/flower piece is a robe.  Pajama bottoms are nice when you are in the TV room with the family.  The T shirt is beefy.  They are also great when you are shopping closets for something to wear.  I store extra clothes in extra closets.  They don't make you feel very lady like though.
 So, I knew at least one pair of  pj bottoms was getting faded, and I'm currently going through my patterns and editing my fabric stash some, so this piece of cotton from Fabric Com seemed perfect together.  (Every so many months, I go through my books to see what my current homeschooled teen might benefit from.  I also clean out books no longer needed.  These piles will be edited and sold, read, or returned to the bookshelf.  I also moved one of my sewing machines back into my bedroom so I can stack some fabric on the floor of my sewing room to fully see what I have and what I might want to use this summer.)
 I have a long piece of apricot satin ribbon for some time in my stash and instead of purchasing any more lace or ribbon, I used a pleater and pleated the ribbon.  It's sewn with apricot thread in the needle and white thread in the bobbin.  The fabric was a cotton or part cotton part polyester from their clearance section.  I could have snipped a little more at the corners or been more aggressive pulling the fabric and ironing.  I didn't want any holes though.
 The pleats on the bottom.
I just made the 5/8's narrow hem.  Then while the sleeve was still in the flat stage, I sewed the ribbon on, and then the side seams, then put the sleeve into the gown.  Nice pattern and all the marks lined up.  I did serge the inside, and hand sewed the inside yoke facing down.