Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Simplicity A1230

These pants are from a pattern I purchased recently for AG dolls.  
 I made the pants in a lightweight summer tan cotton.  I don't have an AG doll, so I'm not sure how they would fit one.
 This is the dress pattern I made earlier in a wildlife print.  This one was made in featherweight cotton corduroy and I tried pleats instead of the gathers.  This was my own adaptation.

You can also see how I did the Pixie Faire dressform.  I used a cork from a wine bottle and then glued the dress form onto a creamer bottle.  I wanted to try longer dresses.  This dress form does not measure the full 18 inches.  I think it came to 16 1/2.  The beauty of having the pattern is I can make more and mount them prettier than this.
 If you look on the tomato pincushion side, you will see I pleated the fabric the wrong way.  I was having a lot of difficulty working with the facing and the 1/4 seam allowances.  I kept having to resew some areas, that I got tired and didn't pay attention to the direction of the pleating.  Practice makes perfect.
The lining fabric.  I was planning on throwing the bulk of my remnants away, but decided to play around with the doll clothing patterns and I can see how my choices in fabrics do seem to go together.

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