Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1 2 3 Pool

Pool area. The bush in the back is going.  I'm exploring bedding choices.  

The Pool. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Travel pillow

This is the finished binding.  I used a beginner binding instruction from a Better Homes and Garden quilting book.  This fabric came from Fabric Mart and was only about 20 inches wide, so it was really hard to use it for anything clothing wise.

 I made a pillow case for a travel sized pillow.
 I made a pillow protector for the travel sized pillow.  This is for a boy's bed.  It's small and good for additional neck support.
Our dog.  I'm currently waiting for the new Jalie pant pattern.  I'm hoping I can get some great pants to wear through next winter.  I also have a door curtain and some curtains to make.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Love at First Stitch and Kwik Sew 3364

 This scarf is from the book Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walness.  She has instructions for 2 different sizes and this is the smaller size.  I used a poly chiffon from JoAnns that I bought years ago.
 Some of the Kwik Sew patterns have sashes included in with the patterns and I used one of those patterns for this sash.
This is the poly chiffon and I waited years before I used it because I just didn't like the feel of it.  It seemed to ravel badly.  It did press reasonably well and sewed well.  I wanted to use all of this up, so I made 2 sashes of different lengths and 2 scarves.  They fold up nicely in my drawer and I have one less piece of fabric in my plastic container.  I used my Viking 960Q on these after letting it sit for several months and it acted wonderfully.  I love that machine,

My next patchwork quilt in progress and the weekend

I made another basic square scrappy quilt top.  
 I used a lightweight rayon/cotton batting from JoAnns and a muslin backing.
 I did a basic stitch around the squares for the quilting.  I just need to add some beginner binding and it's ready for the TV room.
 Some backyard snakes and some snails.

 We got the backyard beds weeded and mulched.  The other parsley.
 The garden so far.  We will add in stuff here and there.
My husband used up the last of the blackboard paint repainting my old blackboard  He also took my vacuum cleaner apart and cleaned it up for better suction.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lamp redo

Years ago, my mother gave me an old Knob Creek lamp.  She said it was an expensive lamp.  I've google it, and it's an old upscale Ethan Allen lamp.  The bottom felt was going so I re did it,  I initially wanted it larger, but in the end, made it the same size.

 This felt came from JoAnns in the decorating dept.  I used basic Elmer's glue.
Finished bottom lamp.  Yesterday, my husband hung a big picture my mother gave me and I have set this lamp on an end table to help me decide what kind of lampshade I want.  I can't wait to get the lampshade now.  I think we are going to try an LED bulb for the lamp.

I have not gone near my sewing machines.  I apologize to any sewists looking for something sewing related.  I've been doing a lot of reading, thinking and researching, but I must be in a lull.

First week June

This summer is moving a little more slowly for us.  
 We planted a flat parsley and another curly parsley.  The other curly is in with some shrubbery.  We've since added a banana pepper.
 My husband did 2 oil changes.
 He's in the middle of a wheelbarrow overhaul.  He's had this wheelbarrow for ever and wanted to give it a make over.  We'd like to do a bunch of dirt, mulch, and landscaping this year.  I really wanted to do some trim work on our house before Halloween.
 Went to big school to visit the counselor.  I got to see the Fashion Department for the first time.  I am so excited to visit again.  Oh my Gosh!
 I used to look DOWN at the floating barges.
 The lake water has come all the way up the columns.
Guess what.  It's been raining again the last couple of days, and will continue most of the week.  

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


 My husband is doing some patching.  This is the cover for our water meter.
 This is the top part of our driveway.  There is a high tension cable underneath.  They use the cable to help keep the concrete level or flat??
 He swept all the dirt out.  Painted the cable showing to help protect it.  Then he put in a separator to help with the concrete expanding.
This one will need the shingle trimmed a bit when it fully drys.
 Neat and clean.
He patched this with a concrete filler and then covered that with some leftover concrete.  Brushed the cover with a wire brush, and painted it black again.