Friday, July 24, 2015

Ironing Board Cover

My old ironing board is breaking through and rusting out.  I had 2 ironing boards, one I bought when I had my own sewing room.  I put one up in the attic and that's the one I brought back down.
 I used paper to mark the outline of the new ironing board and trimmed it.
 I cut 2 layers of quilting batting and serged around both layers.
 Then I took the old ironing board cover, pulled out the cord, flattened it, pinned it to fabric, cut around that.  I used some bias tape I had made for a quilt and sewed that on, ran the cording back through and put it back on the ironing board.
 I'm going to have to do some ironing and steaming and tighting to fit it.  This board had a sharp spot on it and I found it.  So I'm waiting for the bleeding to stop while changing band aids.
 Sweety Boo.
The box has finally arrived.  The Chemistry box came too.  He's got one of those count down to school starts on the computer.

I may wait till school begins to work on my valances.  I just don't want any mistakes and I'd like to think and plan a bit.