Monday, May 19, 2014

Jalie 2805with lace

Same pattern, same white knit fabric.  This time I added in some long sleeves from some stretch lace.  I do not remember where I bought the white knit fabric and I'm down to bits after these 2 T's.   The lace I bought several years ago from Hancocks.  I used the Viking 960Q, and mostly did Jalie's zig zag overlock type stitch, and the  1/4 inch seam method.  I used the small step zz that the 960Q has for the hems.  I tried a bunch of the hem finishes on scraps of fabric but they were just too heavy for this knit.

The sleeves.  The collar was pressed really nice, but the iron spit on the fabric and I washed it in the sink so it messed up the pressing a little.  I'm excited to wear this.  I really like this pattern and see it a lot in my future for T's.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jalie 2805

This bird and my dog are not getting along.  We found out yesterday she has a baby that is big, but still can not fly yet.  Since we have been calling the dog away from her bush, she has allowed us to be in our backyard.  We've been copying Rick and Betty (Betty's Kitchen on You Tube) for a little raised garden.  It's been lots of fun.
This year we have a tremendous amount of squirrels, birds, rabbits, and bug life in our neighborhood.

 My pictures loaded up in the wrong order.  This is the hem.  The 960Q Viking has 2 3 step zz's.  This is the smallest one.  I usually serge and do some sort of sewing machine hem, but I was trying this pattern out for the very first time, and just ironed the jersey up and stitched.  I would have loved a loopy jersey stitch, but didn't have the energy to put white thread into my Bernina 930.  And as you see, the hem stitch on the Viking might be a little too heavy for the knit.  It would be nice to use the one machine for everything if I choose too.  I'm hoping they add in a jersey stitch to be loaded into the machine as an added stitch.
 The shirt in flat form.
 Back and front.  I used the V neck and the cap sleeves.  I wanted some extra fabric for the same shirt but with longer lace sleeves.  I was hoping it was a size too big, but it was perfect.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Road pictures

I'm still here.  I've been so busy.  School is out for the older 2.  One moved back home last fall and went back to college.  I've got 2 kids with college degrees.  One is going back for more, and the other is going back, but meandering.  There are lots of classes now in computers and languages that interest him.  A little sewing, but nothing reviewed.  I wanted to show you some pictures.  These are several months old and ARE OUTDATED.
 Three new homes were torn down.
 These have now been cleared of all concrete and leveled out with dirt.  The houses across the street are unchanged????

 A lot of whats on the highway that used to be there on both sides are gone and already cleared.  Homes and businesses that we have seen for 20 years are gone.
 This is the service road going home from one of the colleges. ( I've been going back and forth between 2 branches of the same college multiple times a day.)   One morning, the service road had been badly remarked as a lane!!!  After a few days they did a better job of marking it, but I am now or was last week, driving on the service road up against the bridge as an actual lane.  It has that dip, clang feeling and your are next to the water.  A little creepy.
 The yellow line that you see is further out into the lake.  It's up about 6 to 10 feet.  They are filling it in with dirt and stuff and raising it up to the level of the highway we are on now.
 This is just behind the picture above.  It used to look like a Leave it to Beaver show.  There was picnic tables and a small beach.  It now has drilled wire things that will have cement poured into them all spaced out.
 Further up.  These next few pictures used to be soccer fields, hot air balloon parks, baseball field, etc.
Same.  The area looks more like this but all dirt and not an inch of field.  These spaced wire things go clear to the lake now.  The old service road I used to exit will probably not exist in the next few weeks.  They have a new road already cut into this area and black topped, just not open yet.
One more month and high school will be out, and then summer vacation.  I am looking forward to that.