Monday, May 25, 2015


Rain, rain, rain.  This was just a few minutes ago.  Another system is coming in later today.
As far as the weatherperson says, it will rain all into next week.

Both sides of the yard.  I'm posting sporadically currently.  My parents were scammed of a lot of money in the fall.  That case will soon go to trial. Then my dad kept getting sick more frequently.  Then he died last month.  Then my husband went into early retirement.  Then we have this never ending rain cycle.  I really think my dad's death was the real life sucker for me.  My husband has done a really good job with his honey do list.  His outside list is way behind though.

The boys are pretty much done with school.  It was a long year with the youngest, but he did very well.  They put him in 4 AP classes for next year.  The middle is beginning car shopping.  He changes his mind every time we talk to him, so we try and nod our heads and wonder which car/model he is talking about now.  We also want him to take a long time in choosing for various reasons.

*I set up an instagram accout, but the pad I'm using has a really bad camera in it, and I can't get a new smart phone until my current contract runs out.