Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So, I've been going through my pants.  Keep in mind, I am a stay at home mom who drives her kids everywhere and doesn't really do groups or clubs away from home right now.  I have ventured in to city and school board, art and community theatre meetings where I could.  I never wanted to be a mom who was involved for hours outside my home.  I have acquaintances  who love to tell me all that they are involved in and I'm so happy for them, but I am also very happy I made the choices I made.  As my kids are getting older, I am getting interested in a few things outside my home.
 The black, blue and red are Kwik Sew pull on pants leftover from last year.  I love these, they wear like softly pleated or gathered pants from the top.  The royal blue is a Simplicity elastic waist and I made these last year and never wore them.  I wanted to try a different elastic waist pattern.  I threw these away after this picture.
 The white, navy, white is a Butterick pattern with a side zipper.  I have forgotten the pattern number.  I like these.
 I've got 3 (one is not shown) Kiwk Sew elastic waist denim, a Kwik Sew jean...
the Kwik Sew jean, a McCalls jean, and a Vogue jean.  The Kwik Sew and the McCalls are my favorite,  I even wear the McCalls muslin, the tan with the wedge sewn in above for yard pants.  The weeds love them.  They keep growing back to visit the wedges because I sewed them in with a flower stitch.
 A Burda magazine pair, a RTW shorts, an ancient denim trouser.
 A McCalls cargo, a RTW linen..
 a white and blue shirting lightweight elastic waist pant from Sew.
 My very favorite RTW jeans.  I want to copy these.
These RTW jeans.  They fit, but and I don't have to shop for another pair.  I really love the fact I can make jeans now.  I know I have a wool pair somewhere, and I have some cords from winter. 

I think seeing these laid out, I need a wool pair or two.  I have not gone through my t shirts, blouses, sweaters or jackets. 

More skirts

I forget which pattern company the tan came from.  The black is a Simplicity, and the brown cotton plaid a basic Kwik Sew that I've done in a denim and a plaid and a royal blue.  I've got some skirts that I haven't finished and a few that I've bought.  I may have a few hanging behind my boys clothing racks that I've forgotten to look.  This tells me I wear a lot of skirts.

 I got a comment from my first post of reposting and I blew it away.  As the page was loading I saw the comment and clicked it, and it just vanished.  I'm not sure if it's me, or Blogger does this sometimes.  Thank you for making a comment.  I wasn't feeling energetic enough to post this year, and my kids had schedules that included me driving them all over the metroplex and waiting for long waits.  I had reached my picture limit on Blogger, and really thought some of my posts were wasteful and I could go back and redo some things.  And, I really felt in some ways I had way too many clothes, patterns, fabrics, etc.  What do I have?  What do I wear?  What do I need? 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Summer skirts

It's been too long.  I feel like I am a beginner at blogging again.  My very busy year is progressing.  I was right.  It is proving to be a very busy year, and I keep adding things in to my calendar.  But on this cold rainy day, I pulled out my summer skirts and looked them over.
 If you don't remember, the red button on is a Butterick, the blue gingham from the Sew Easy Rupp book, the black and white knit (one of 2 actually), a Kwik Sew, the black gingham, and the navy gingham with the elastic waists are from the Kwik Sew Easy Blue book.
 The tan elastic waist (1 of 2), the darker tan with the print waistband, a drafted Dorthy Moore, the black knit, a recycle, the denim, new recently from the Kwik Sew blue book.
 The sailor blue a Kwik Sew skirt (3335).  The green rayon and the white twill are big 4's.  I think you've seen them, a flat yoke with an A line bottom and a back zipper.  It's a basic skirt I still see in the envelope drawings.
The tan, the plaid, and the denim are the basic A line (3877) from Kwik Sew.  I even have more, but they are for a different season.  I plan to wear these all summer.  I wear them with sandels, tennis shoes, loafers, flats, and low heels.  I really think I have enough, but I still think of whimsical summer prints, and long skirts.