Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December Notes

First off, Happy Holidays.  What have I been doing?  Mostly not much.
 We graduated another one.
 We put our tree up.
 Molasses cookies from home made sorghum molasses.
 Oatmeal walnut.  We made cookies.  I had planned to make a few more, but there is alot of moisture in our air here, and I can't get the cookies to dry out better.  They are staying moist.
 Brownies iced with cream cheese mint frosting.  We've been trading light versions of the flu and I think this may be the end of Christmas sweeties for us.  One of those years.
 Simplicity 2517     http://www.simplicity.com/p-3069-mens-costumes.aspx

Now out of print I see.  I made 2 of these for Halloween.  None of the college kids dressed this year, and it went unworn.
 This is the inside lining.
 It was made from the leftovers of a wool coat I'm still working on.  I love this hat, and the boys I made it for plan to keep it and wear it next winter as an actual hat.  I'm told Castle has one!!
I will show you the coat later when I've finished it.
 Another early Christmas present to us.  A plain Jane Kindle during a sale.  I've been on the fence about one of these and decided to try the cheapest one.  I've only downloaded the free books.  It is good for a basic novel read.  It has held a lot of the free books and I can see using this Kindle.
 For me.  I had to have the Pixie Faire Dress Form pattern.  I do not have an American doll, nor do I have a clone version.  I do plan on making one or two or more and having some fun making outfits when I have no idea of what I want to sew, but want to sew, or I want to try combining fabrics or potential looks.  I'm not sure of how full to stuff it, so I'm making an American Doll pattern up to check for fit on the dress form.
My aunt passed a few years ago and my mother got her machine.  Sadly it has sat for some time at my mothers, and it's acting up.  I'm seeing online used prices of these go for 150.00 to 250.00.  It may take up to that much to break it down and oil it up.  I'm working the needle, but thinking about my next step with her,

I've not sewn much.  We lost our microwave, and stove, and one car.  We've felt a little off and tired.  Our mail lady keeps losing or misdelivering packages,  I really wonder if she should go and get reading glasses or her supervisor should suggest it politely!!  They won't do much, and we've had to make some claims, and file small police reports.  Anyway, enough pity party.  I hope everyone has a happy holiday because it's coming up very quickly, and a wonderful New Year.

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