Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sew What Fleece book finger gloves

Sew What Fleece book is a bunch of crafty fleece items that you can draft and sew.  Patterns are not included.  You draft your own. They are fairly easy and include things like pajama pants, fleece skirts, shrugs, ponchos, scarves, a pet project or two, a few baby items, easy jackets, and a few other things I may be forgetting.
 I really wanted to try the Material Girl Gauntlets,  but wanted to practice first.  I notice a handy boy on a computer and I measure him, do some figuring and drawing and come up with a basic pattern.
 This is the 2nd set.   The first was not as neatly made and is in a boy's pocket right now.  I used a combination serger and sewing machine stitches.  I did change the sewing steps from the book, and even one of these is sewn differently than the other.  I wanted to make them as neat as possible.  I used a sweatshirt fleece material in a navy blue.

 A closeup of the inside.
And on a handy boy.  I thought these would be great for me when I have to drive and my hands get really cold, but I want to feel more control on the steering wheel.  They do fit great in boys pockets and I need to make 2 more pair for them.  I was up at parent's day at our local university and I did have a pair of gloves on, but I also thought these could work there too when you need your fingers free.  It was very cold that day and I didn't take any pictures or find out where the fashion dept. was, but the semester hasn't begun yet, so I will have time to explore.
These were made from scraps I would have thrown away from another project  I'm working on.  This is a current problem I have.    I feel guilty about throwing away my scraps.  And I got these gloves from scraps.  The pieces I did throw away, could they have been used for a headband my husband wants me to draft, also from the same book, for when he's outside this summer working in the yard?