Friday, October 30, 2015

Kwik Sew 3347

This Kwik Sew pattern contains a lab coat and a scrub or nursing top.  I failed to get a picture of the pattern to include in this blog post.
My son wanted to be Jack Hodgins from Bones for Halloween.  I used the lab coat pattern and switched the buttons and the buttonholes to the way guys wear them.  I embroidered Hodgins on the coat, and my son found this patch on the internet.  I moved it over slightly because there is a pen/pencil pocket area.  I ironed on the patch and it stuck like glue but latter fell off and the pocket was on, so I had to carefully slip stitch it to the pocket.  Next time I will use a good fabric glue.

 The vent on the lab coat.  I used a poly twill in a royal blue color.  I could not find a good match to the show's, so I went with this next best color.

 For the belt,  I went with the pattern instead of trying to copy and draft something that looked like what was on the show.  I did not make buttonholes.  I just sewed the buttons through to the other side.
 One side.  There is currently no light spot in my house.
The other side.

The little valance is new too.  I use a clearance fabric from JoAnns for that.  We have a high fence and yard in back and it's hard for neighbors to see in through the blinds open or closed.  This window is also next to the back door and long curtains can get dirty.    I only had 10 yards and made 2 valances and in the process of making a curtain for the window closest to our next door neighbor.  We have a yard and fence on that side also, but decided to go ahead with the curtain.

The piano we got also on clearance many years ago when the boys were taking piano lessons and the teacher said these types of pianos were good when you didn't know if you were going to keep taking piano lesson for the first few years.  They only took for a few years, but the piano sounds really nice still.
The cushion was leftover foam from my  pillow cushion sewing festival that's going on now.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


What I did on my summer vacation.  Not that much sewing and what I did was not very good.  It felt like a vacation where we had to get a lot done before going back to work.  We did some vacation type eating and I gained some weight.  I went through my closet and tried on a lot of things and put back a pretty good small collection of things I'm going to start the fall on.  My husband has decided he is not ready for retirement and went looking for a job.  I've picked back up on my walking.  

Look how big these guys are!  

I had some upholstery fabric I bought a long time ago when Walmart began closing out their fabric section, but I never found the chair I wanted and didn't have enough to recover anything anyway.  So I began to turn it into cushions.  I made one for the fireplace.  We have DVD's and dog things so I only made this one.  I made 2 for a bedroom window seat.  I'm now going to make some big sofa cushions and slowly use it up.  It is definitely upholstery fabric, stiff and doesn't feel very good for any other projects.   So I'm currently in pillow/cushion making mode.