Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Footstool cushion

The finished cushion.  I think this was probably a recliner stool.  I put the finished stool in front of my maple boston rocker and it's too big for that, but seems to go well with the oak rocker we got from my husbands work.  When you work so many years, you get to pick a gift from a catalog, and I chose this Kennedy rocker from the Troutman Chair Company.
 I used a upholstery/drapery fabric I got long ago   from a Big Box store when they had a more formal fabric dept.  I've also made a glass top table skirt in this fabric, and I currently have a chair cushion for the rocker in the same fabric cut out.
The buttons are from a kit and I covered them myself.  The cushion I'm not so pleased with.  It's a polyfill cushion and not a foam cushion from JoAnns.  I love the product, but wish I had gone with the foam instead.  I wanted to redo the buttons.  I think I got the tension off a bit, but the long upholstery needle made a loud puncturing sound and I and my husband were worried we would rip the fabric destroying all the work I had done.
 The side view.  The little stool will have a new life.  My husband loves putting his feet up on it (in socks) and the boys love pulling it up to the TV for a closer look.

Hello.  I'm off to visit a pair of Texas Spiny lizards on the other side of the back yard for dinner.  
My youngest stood spell bound watching the lizards fight over a grasshopper, each had a part of it in their mouths.  The only picture is in his head.  He's sending this one their way.