Thursday, December 4, 2014

Non Sewing Candy making

These are not the prettiest.  I have been wanting to try chocolate covered cherries for several years, and decided yesterday was the day.  They don't look great but taste even better.  My chocolate seized up on me and I had to go to the internet and find some quick fixes.  The peppermint patties were also from the leftover white filling with some cream cheese and peppermint flavoring added.  I'm thinking I will be making these again soon.

I used a basic recipe from my 11th edition of Better Homes & Gardens.  The chocolate chips coating recipe was from the internet.  I take responsibility for the seizing.

I have a Sherlock Holmes hat I made for Halloween that I want to show you but haven't even taken a picture of it yet. I also took pictures of the bridge work last month, but boy are those pictures already out of date.  I think according to the plan, I will be taking that bridge when I drive back home.  I have to say, I will miss my country road with the horses, and the quiet little pond,  Gone is the farmers market, the ski rental and the little grocery store.  Out are the one handed fast drivers (85 at least in a 60), who think they are cool and this is their road.

 It's warmer here this year and I really wanted to go downtown and see the lighting of the town tree, but my youngest and I have been trading a stomach bug back and forth.  I took him into see the doctor  for medication.  I really think kids should work through these things to help them fight off the next thing that hits them, but I wanted this bug gone and he was on his 2nd time with it.  I wanted antibiotics.  No more fooling around with this thing.  We are feeling more normal again, though he is lagging behind me by a day or so.

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