Saturday, June 6, 2015

Our list

We are still working on the list.  We've been having freezer problems.  This is not good if you like to stock your freezer with sale items.  We called Sears and ordered 2 different parts that might be the problem.  We used one of the parts, this one below and called to see about returning the other one, an item under 15.00 dollars.  They are crediting our account and told us to keep the part.  Whoa.  Sears just moved up a notch for me this week.

 Planted a chive we bought in March, then mulched around the garden.  Our garden may not get too many more plants this summer.
Repotted the peppermint.  We've got weeds.  Further down on the list.

This is a sewing blog, but also a suburban living blog and it seems we are  doing the suburban part more lately.  My husband's last day is Monday.  35 years at work.  I'm very proud of him,  It seems this list is very important to him to get done so that's what we are doing.  I currently have too many tops, but I want to work on some pants but just don't have the time to devote to picking a pattern or making a muslin just yet.

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