Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lamp redo

Years ago, my mother gave me an old Knob Creek lamp.  She said it was an expensive lamp.  I've google it, and it's an old upscale Ethan Allen lamp.  The bottom felt was going so I re did it,  I initially wanted it larger, but in the end, made it the same size.

 This felt came from JoAnns in the decorating dept.  I used basic Elmer's glue.
Finished bottom lamp.  Yesterday, my husband hung a big picture my mother gave me and I have set this lamp on an end table to help me decide what kind of lampshade I want.  I can't wait to get the lampshade now.  I think we are going to try an LED bulb for the lamp.

I have not gone near my sewing machines.  I apologize to any sewists looking for something sewing related.  I've been doing a lot of reading, thinking and researching, but I must be in a lull.

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