Wednesday, June 17, 2015

First week June

This summer is moving a little more slowly for us.  
 We planted a flat parsley and another curly parsley.  The other curly is in with some shrubbery.  We've since added a banana pepper.
 My husband did 2 oil changes.
 He's in the middle of a wheelbarrow overhaul.  He's had this wheelbarrow for ever and wanted to give it a make over.  We'd like to do a bunch of dirt, mulch, and landscaping this year.  I really wanted to do some trim work on our house before Halloween.
 Went to big school to visit the counselor.  I got to see the Fashion Department for the first time.  I am so excited to visit again.  Oh my Gosh!
 I used to look DOWN at the floating barges.
 The lake water has come all the way up the columns.
Guess what.  It's been raining again the last couple of days, and will continue most of the week.  

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