Monday, June 16, 2014

Kwik Sew 2962

View B, the racer back.

 The back racer back part.
The lining.  I used a sport elastic, but I can't remember where I got it.  Maybe JoAnns.  I used up all I had.  I went to a 3/8's elastic that I purchased a box store that mentioned swimwear on the back of the package.  I'm running low on some sewing supplies.  The lining fabric came from Hancocks, which is closing next month the sales associates tell me.  They will not be reopening.  I guess maybe a new franchise owner would have to do that?  The pink fabric came from on an online source. 
I haven't worn it yet.  I had a pool epoxy.  We bought one size, and decided on another, bought that one, and I kept hearing on the news about neighboring towns going into water restriction stages (we all get our water from differing sources), so I went with a smaller pool.  We've had this size before, and while we do think it's a bit small, we are still happy we went with it.  It's been easier to fill, clean and have time for the yard.  Goat heads, or stickers took over our lawn this year.  And the kids are so busy this summer again.

My husband's Father's Day card from one of the kids.  He got a card, and a gift card from the other 2.  This one was impressive though.

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