Monday, May 19, 2014

Jalie 2805with lace

Same pattern, same white knit fabric.  This time I added in some long sleeves from some stretch lace.  I do not remember where I bought the white knit fabric and I'm down to bits after these 2 T's.   The lace I bought several years ago from Hancocks.  I used the Viking 960Q, and mostly did Jalie's zig zag overlock type stitch, and the  1/4 inch seam method.  I used the small step zz that the 960Q has for the hems.  I tried a bunch of the hem finishes on scraps of fabric but they were just too heavy for this knit.

The sleeves.  The collar was pressed really nice, but the iron spit on the fabric and I washed it in the sink so it messed up the pressing a little.  I'm excited to wear this.  I really like this pattern and see it a lot in my future for T's.

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