Monday, March 9, 2015

Kwik Sew 3251 OOP

** I've been trying to find this pattern to link it, but it seems in the last 4 months or so, it has disappeared from online pattern sites.  So, I'm reclassifying it as an OOP pattern.  It went out the door this morning, but my husband was not in a mood for pictures.  He just wanted to make it to work in one piece in the rain.  I also plan to replace the buttons.  I should have made the buttonholes larger.  Various charts have 5/8's buttons anywhere from 15mm to 17 mm.  And I think I was having a reading glasses malfunction when I first read the pattern.  

The finished jacket.  I made this jacket using JoAnn's heavy denim.  I believe it was about 12 oz.  The pattern is really easy.  I chose to top stitch in navy blue, because I was worried about my top stitching skills.  The fit is generous.  My husband is a Large sometimes entering in the the extra Large region
 and this jacket would go over a shirt.  I'd like a bit of a closer fit over the wrists, but then if he were wearing a heavier shirt, the wrist would fit too tight.  The pattern called for 5/8's or 15 mm buttons, but my 15 mm setting seemed to short for the 5/8's size and I used some brown shirt buttons I had pulled off of some old chambray shirts of his.  Next time, I'm going to do more samples and use a larger buttonhole size.

 The cuff and side tab on the bottom band piece.    I'm planning on making this pattern again a may or may not use the side tab, so I like having the option.
 Inside the coat.  I wasn't sure how I would finish the top pocket, or the top of the inset pocket.  I used the seam finish idea on my Viking and it chose a 3 step zig zag.
I did flat felled where I could.  This pattern has 5/8's seam allowance, and I did a 4 thread serge on the side seams.  I wish now I had done a flat felled on the side seams.

Overall, I love the jacket and will make my husband more of  these as the years go by.  I have a few trendier ideas not that I am familiar with the pattern.  It could have been a quicker sew, but with the snow and ice we had over the last few weeks, I did loads of driving kids around, batches of oatmeal raisin cookies.  

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