Monday, May 13, 2013

McCalls 2101

 An OOP pattern that I have had for while. 
 I used some lightweight linen from Hancocks.  I had enough for the pants, but not for the optional pocket.
 Nice pants.  I'm keeping the pattern until the end of summer and then I will use another one that's probably very close to the same style.  That's my pattern stash problem.  I've bought pretty much the same thing over and over. 
My Mother's Day orchid.  I just love it.  I didn't think I'd like to own one.  I've been reading all over the internet about them.

I still need to take pictures of my other version of my Butterick nightgown.  I've been wearing it.  I've made 2 patio skirts, and I'm working on a skirt for fall from the patio skirt pattern.
 I used  a small piece of trim and made a little bow.
This has definitely been worn.  I was able to use a stash pattern and all of a piece of fabric I've had for awhile from stash and all of some trim that I've owned for a long time.  I'm keeping this pattern.  You never know when you need a pretty nightgown.
I tossed a bunch of t shirts and bought some new ones.  I tossed a few elastic waist skirts and my Dorothy Moore drafted skirt.  It was a wearable muslin and the fabric around the zipper was coming out too much to repair.

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