Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Butterick 6838

 This is a 2001 pattern.  I made View D and have View C cut out.
 My current summer pj wardrobe.  The blue stripe/flower piece is a robe.  Pajama bottoms are nice when you are in the TV room with the family.  The T shirt is beefy.  They are also great when you are shopping closets for something to wear.  I store extra clothes in extra closets.  They don't make you feel very lady like though.
 So, I knew at least one pair of  pj bottoms was getting faded, and I'm currently going through my patterns and editing my fabric stash some, so this piece of cotton from Fabric Com seemed perfect together.  (Every so many months, I go through my books to see what my current homeschooled teen might benefit from.  I also clean out books no longer needed.  These piles will be edited and sold, read, or returned to the bookshelf.  I also moved one of my sewing machines back into my bedroom so I can stack some fabric on the floor of my sewing room to fully see what I have and what I might want to use this summer.)
 I have a long piece of apricot satin ribbon for some time in my stash and instead of purchasing any more lace or ribbon, I used a pleater and pleated the ribbon.  It's sewn with apricot thread in the needle and white thread in the bobbin.  The fabric was a cotton or part cotton part polyester from their clearance section.  I could have snipped a little more at the corners or been more aggressive pulling the fabric and ironing.  I didn't want any holes though.
 The pleats on the bottom.
I just made the 5/8's narrow hem.  Then while the sleeve was still in the flat stage, I sewed the ribbon on, and then the side seams, then put the sleeve into the gown.  Nice pattern and all the marks lined up.  I did serge the inside, and hand sewed the inside yoke facing down.

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