Monday, February 16, 2015

Simplicity 5952

 I've had the pattern for some time thinking I would use the pattern for the director's chair pattern, but along came this rocker.  The pattern was quite easy and straight forward.  It did call for some buttons, but I decided to leave that part out.  I'm extremely pleased  with this project.  I purchased the gold fabric a long time ago, and I don't really like it any more, but don't want to just toss it either, some I'm using it up.  I'd love to have these done so I could change with the seasons.  I only got the one picture.  We are down to 2 cars and I'm taxing all over several times a day at times.
My first quilt.  It's badly done.  Quilting is hard for me.  I have since found out I used the wrong foot and the wrong setting on my machine.  This was a basic square quilt with a scrappy back.  A light loft is sandwiched between,  I'm going to bind it with a beginner type of binding at a later date.  I am going to do another basic block again soon, and try again with the quilting stitch.

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