Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kwik Sew 3251

 My husband's jacket in progress.  This jacket has been on my mind for some time.  I had the Jo Anns denim earmarked for some jeans for me, but ending up ordering a pair from LL Bean. So, I am trying the jacket for him.   I'm not that happy with the collar, but it's my first try.  The machine you see by the jacket is my Viking 770.  The Viking 960Q would be around the table facing the cork board.  I would need to lose 2 machines to fit in one machine that does embroidery.  If you see a machine under the thread rack, that's the Viking 100.  I turn it around to face the jacket, and roll the chair around if I want to sew on that one.  I have to shift the 960Q over a bit to get some fabric room.  the plastic carry case under the table is empty.  It used to house a Singer, which broke and I don't have any more.
The back seaming.  I'd love to try some embroidery on the back.
 Inside, looking at the seams.  I stopped at the shoulder seams for a break.  Hopefully, it will turn out okay.
 The pattern.
Playing around with a decorative stitch. I have a button hole made on the other end, so I can try buttons with it at the store.


Anonymous said...

I'm french and i'm searching to buy this pattern, please can you tell me when do you find it ?
Thanks for your answer
(My mail lilite.couture@sfr.fr)

Lynn said...

Hello. I purchased my pattern from a website called Fabric.com. Living in the states, we can get one from the BMV (Vogue, McCalls, Butterick, & Kwik Sew) website, or some of our fabric stores sell them.

Imenou said...

Thanks for your answer, i finally find the pattern on the website printsew.com

Lynn said...

I am glad you found it. There are times I make something and I decide never to make it again,(thus being able to sell it) but with this jacket, even with it's amateur look it is a favorite jacket and I do intend to make it several times over with a few of my own variations.
I do wish Jalie would come up with a man's jean jacket pattern.

rhinoman1947@gmail.com said...

I would really like to have this pattern! I am unable to find it, anywhere. Would you be interested in selling yours?

Lynn said...

No, I am not parting with my pattern. It even has a waiting list. I have 3 teen boys besides my husband. I do hope you find one.