Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So, I've been going through my pants.  Keep in mind, I am a stay at home mom who drives her kids everywhere and doesn't really do groups or clubs away from home right now.  I have ventured in to city and school board, art and community theatre meetings where I could.  I never wanted to be a mom who was involved for hours outside my home.  I have acquaintances  who love to tell me all that they are involved in and I'm so happy for them, but I am also very happy I made the choices I made.  As my kids are getting older, I am getting interested in a few things outside my home.
 The black, blue and red are Kwik Sew pull on pants leftover from last year.  I love these, they wear like softly pleated or gathered pants from the top.  The royal blue is a Simplicity elastic waist and I made these last year and never wore them.  I wanted to try a different elastic waist pattern.  I threw these away after this picture.
 The white, navy, white is a Butterick pattern with a side zipper.  I have forgotten the pattern number.  I like these.
 I've got 3 (one is not shown) Kiwk Sew elastic waist denim, a Kwik Sew jean...
the Kwik Sew jean, a McCalls jean, and a Vogue jean.  The Kwik Sew and the McCalls are my favorite,  I even wear the McCalls muslin, the tan with the wedge sewn in above for yard pants.  The weeds love them.  They keep growing back to visit the wedges because I sewed them in with a flower stitch.
 A Burda magazine pair, a RTW shorts, an ancient denim trouser.
 A McCalls cargo, a RTW linen..
 a white and blue shirting lightweight elastic waist pant from Sew.
 My very favorite RTW jeans.  I want to copy these.
These RTW jeans.  They fit, but and I don't have to shop for another pair.  I really love the fact I can make jeans now.  I know I have a wool pair somewhere, and I have some cords from winter. 

I think seeing these laid out, I need a wool pair or two.  I have not gone through my t shirts, blouses, sweaters or jackets. 

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